DIESELWORKS is currently set up with Donlen and ARI fleet maintenance companies

and will work with your fleet maintenance company too!

DieselWorks has its roots in the repair of logging and construction equipment

but that is not all we do.  Our resume' includes:

  • Diesel Engine and Component Repair / Rebuild
  • Diesel Electric Generators (New / Installation) 
  • Diesel Electric Generator Service / Repair 
  • Truck and Heavy Equipment Repair
  • Rail Road Diesel Engine Service / Repair 
  • Rail Car Diesel Powered Auxiliary Equipment Service / Repair
  • Rail Car Shock Absorbers Service / Repair
  • Hydraulic Pump Rebuilds
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
  • Fork Lift Repair
  • Injection Pump and Starter Rebuilds and Repair
  • Steering Pump Rebuilds
  • Water Pump Rebuilds
  • Welding and Line Boring

Not on the list? Please call us - DW thinks outside the box!




DieselWorks is proud to help sponsor the lifelong dream of Charlie Nichols of Madison, NH. Charlie has built his own Diesel motorcycle with some tech advice from DW and will race it the week of August 26 at the Bonneville Salt Flats Speedw
ay in Utah. The famous Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway has been the setting for numerous land speed records. It is located just north of I-80, about 10 miles east of the community of Wendover, Utah. To learn more about Charlie, his talent and his dream, join the conversation on FaceBook ! You won't want to miss this!

How long has the fuel for your generator or equipment been sitting?

Today's engines operate at high pressures.  Contaminates in your fuel can create issues. Today's Biofuels present a greater challenge.  Bacteria and fungi love to grow in biofuels.  Call us today for a consultation. We can polish the fuel in your tank and make it like new.